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You have landed on the Arts & Sciences page for the Battle of Five Armies! While more information is forthcoming about classes and performances the Battle of Five Armies will also be hosting Household challenges! These challenges are listed below. If your household would like to issue a challenge please use the contact form below to get in touch with the Autocrat using the contact form below.

Household Challenges

House Lochleven – Practical Garb

Duke Edward and Mistress Cassandra wish to see your practical garb. Whether for smithing, nursing, cooking, plowing, or viking, show off your plain, stained, efficient, or comfy garb.


House Thorgeir – Viking Embellishment

Countess Svava encourages one and all to engage in Viking Embellishment, whether in trim, embroidery, carving, or storytelling.


House Fiori – Quintavian Colors Challenge

The Defender of Quintavia shall be chosen from among those residents who present anything green and white, or green, or white. This is to represent the shire colors. Hurrah for the green and white!! Long may our banner wave!


House Darostur – Flamingus

“We of House Darostur. enjoying the finer things in life, such as decorative lawn ornamentation, inflatable creatures, and nylon structures invite the populace to expound on their appreciation of the most noble of birds found throughout our fair Shire and the Known World…the Noble Flamingo. Such expressions of wonder and thoughtfulness will be judged using the arcane and dubious methodology that this Noble House is best known for. Creativity and flair should be used to great affect and will indeed be remarked upon by all of the Household.”

Bring your finest flamingo festooned forms for display Saturday and earn your Barony the Darostur War Point (and maybe some gracefully awkward prizes).


House Viborg – Dirty Dozen Largess Challenge

Each entrant must make 12 items of largess to be given to the Crown. There is no limit on the number of entries. These can be sets of the same item (12 pairs of earrings) or a suite of items to showcase the breadth of an artist’s talent.



More Information TBA!


A&S Displays

More Information TBA!


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