Martial Activities

We’re still working out the details of the martial schedule. Check back here for progress on the following topics of interest:


Rattan (battles and tournaments)


Champions Meet
Singles Combat (format depending on number of folks, Sides can put in as many champions as they want).

Skirmish in the fields before the mines

Multi-group field battles run Roman Melle style.

Fighting in the mines, Keeping it where it belongs.
Four way bridge battle Likely will be a 2 ways (besides the start) onto each bridge.

Fight over the gold!
Res town battle. Fighting to capture the gold and where the buildings where it is processed.


Practice / open pickups

Schedules to be confirmed: 


Thrown Weapons

Rapier (battles and tournaments)

Youth Combat

Martial combatants should expect to get their equipment inspected before they can participate in the relevant martial activity.