Belligerents [buh-lij-er-uh nts]

Belligerents – pertaining to war or to those engaged in war



Belligerents - Carolingia Badge


The Barony of Carolingia, led by the wily Colin Ursell and the gracious Nicolette Bonhomme


Belligerents - Stonemarche Badge


The Barony of Stonemarche, led by the noble Dorio of the Oaks and the wicked Jocelyn del Espada


Belligerents - Bergental Badge


The Barony of Bergental, led by the charming Emma Makilmone and the stalwart Robert Dwe Makminne


Belligerents - Smoking Rocks Badge


The Barony of Smoking Rocks, led by the sharp Alys Attewater and the dread Richard Leviathan



Belligerents - BBM

The Barony Beyond the Mountain, led by the wise Dorigen of Lewes and the just Eloise of Coulter will accept Tribute in exchange for their support.


Belligerents - Barony of the Bridge


The Barony of the Bridge, led by the stoic Clothilde von der Insul and the pensive Ulric von der Insul will accept Tribute in exchange for their support.


Quintavia Badge


The Shire of Quintavia, a fractious rabble of uncouth and barbaric Scots, loose women, and fatalistic Russians, who will each gladly fight for the highest bidder.